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Donna Hinds - Saint Helena, CA Real Estate Agent

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Donna Hinds


“Regarding credentials, Donna has extensive knowledge of construction as she has built numerous homes for herself in the past. You will find that this experience will be helpful during the inspection and walk-through phases. Donna also has a law degree lending itself to a strong understanding of terms and contract language. Donna is also a Master Gardener giving her a strong understanding of planting/irrigation systems that will work around your new home, vineyard, or business.!”

- Jay Carlton

“My wife and I worked with Donna during our search for a property in Napa Valley. We believe Donna has excellent knowledge of the real estate market in Napa Valley. We solicited her advice during our search of properties. She was very helpful in insuring the property we purchased not only met our needs, but was also the best investment. The information she provided us was very valuable in our search.”

- John Camp

“Two years ago when we were working with another (terrific) broker, I called upon Donna to help me determine if various properties could meet our residential requirements for a building site. Her knowledge about not only the real estate market in Napa, but also residential construction helped me work through the alternatives we had in looking at various properties. I'm happy to report we are now under construction for a new residence. Donna brings so much insight to the table that was invaluable!”

- Patrice Ferguson

“My experience with Donna has been extremely professional. She always maintained a positive attitude, was well versed, and presented a can-do high-energy approach to doing business. She was easy to contact and always followed up with timely replies. Donna is a very like-able, ethical and easy to approach person.”

- Jay Carlton

“We have worked with a number of realtors, and Donna is the best. She is professional, detail-oriented and has great instincts both for the business and the aesthetic side of residential real estate. Donna also caught some major issues on a second home we actually had in escrow and steered us away from what could have been a big mistake. Could not recommend her more.”

- Jean and Amy Frizzell